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ENVITIA awarded Cyber Essentials scheme certification

By [email protected] - 22nd March 2016 - 17:08

ENVITIA has been awarded a Certificate of Assurance for compliance with the information security requirements for the Cyber Essentials Scheme through the IASME Consortium. ENVITIA is a leading provider of geospatial intelligence software and solutions, serving defence, government and industry customers all around the world. ENVITIA has more than 25 years’ experience helping customers make better and faster operational decisions through software specialising in the discovery, visualisation and exploitation of geospatial information. Cyber Essentials was developed by the UK Government and industry with the aim to help organisations implement basic levels of protection against common cyber attacks and, reduce the level of cyber security risk in its supply chain. Cyber Essentials is a minimum requirement for suppliers bidding for certain sensitive information and personal information handling government contracts. ENVITIA has achieved the Cyber Essentials certification for providing secure geospatial intelligence services and solutions.