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Enabling a breakthrough in hybrid underwater vehicles

By [email protected] - 23rd February 2017 - 11:36

The Fusion is a breakthrough in hybrid underwater vehicles. In a unique way, it combines AUV and ROV capabilities with diver navigation and propulsion- into just one system. Crafty engineering and high-end bespoke sensors have produced an underwater vehicle with efficient, capable and robust design. The Fusion underwater vehicle has a unique in-line transducer arrangement and Nortek has been there to help with this design. Nortek’s contributions included recommendations and minor tweaks to make the vehicle work optimally. The Fusion breaks with tradition by uniquely combining several underwater systems into a single platform. The specific suite of sensors refers to inclusion of a multi-beam forward-looking sonar, side-scan sonar, USBL, DVL and AHRS. Most other platforms do not include these as standard and are certainly not integrated as tightly as in Fusion. This design makes the Fusion more efficient, capable and cost effective.