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Emlid Released ReachView 3: Native App for Reach Receivers

By GeoConnexion - 2nd March 2021 - 10:39

ReachView 3 is the all-new mobile app by Emlid for working with Reach RTK receivers. Familiar point collection and stakeout tools are now powered with the completely new user interface, coordinate system support, and ability to manage big projects. ReachView 3 is a free app available for Android and iOS devices. In ReachView 3, more than a thousand coordinate systems are available. The selection is based on the EPSG and IGN registries and supports thousands of different coordinate systems worldwide. ReachView 3 has built-in support for grid and geoid transformations. The app will prompt you to download all the required additional files depending on your coordinate system selection. Currently, the app supports EGM2008 and many more local vertical datums around the globe.

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