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Embrace Efficiency and Flexibility with Latest SuperGIS Server 3.2

By [email protected] - 22nd May 2015 - 14:06

A better version of SuperGIS Server has been released - version 3.2. The latest update improves the management ability of SuperGIS Server Manager and adds more tools in Ultra web applications. Administrators now can backup their SuperGIS Server and roll it back to previous status. This design is to prevent services failures, account errors and other problems due to human or machine errors. Regularly backing up your SuperGIS Server is recommended to provide a better quality of services. The Ultra web applications now provide more useful tools for users to explore and observe the spatial relationships of the data, including LayerSwipe and Gauge tool. The LayerSwipe splits the screen into 2 halves so that users can find the differences between 2 layers easily. The Gauge tool provides a dashboard-like interface for users to observe the feature values in a cool way.