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Emapsite provides OS Open Map - Local via web mapping service

By [email protected] - 22nd May 2015 - 14:06

Emapsite customers are among the first to take advantage of the most detailed Ordnance Survey open data product so far. Data managers at the location content provider have loaded, styled and enriched OS Open Map - Local as a dedicated layer of emapsiteâs web mapping service (WMS). The new vector dataset, released in beta form in March 2015, has an enhanced level of building detail compared with any other OS OpenData product. It is designed as a backdrop for visualising location data and integrating third-party information. Ordnance Survey has also included outlines of âFunctional Sitesâ such as schools, hospitals and transport facilities. The additional detail includes police stations, places of worship, leisure centres, sites of historic interest, masts, lighthouses and other landmarks. Emapsite has also included contour lines and labelled the Functional Sites appropriately at different zoom levels. â©