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EGNOS enabled PPUs in the Port of Seville

By GeoConnexion - 14th January 2021 - 12:02

In the Port of Seville, pilots use a unit from AD Navigation which can be configured in different functional modes and is able to use different sources of corrections over GPS. Carlos de Bricio, who is the pilot responsible for new technologies in this port, is in favour of the use of EGNOS corrections which are considered of great benefit in specific situations, such as the entrance and navigation through the lock or in docking and turning manoeuvres. When configured to apply EGNOS corrections, this PPU achieves an accuracy of 50 centimetres, perfectly fitting the increasingly demanding accurate position information of larger ships with the associated manoeuvring difficulties. The use of EGNOS is in line with the recommendations of the IMPA Guidelines on the design and use of Portable Pilot Units. These guidelines recommend differential corrected positioning devices, either by GBAS or SBAS, as the minimum to provide enhanced accuracy in the positioning.

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