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Efficient Management of Large Process Facilities

By [email protected] - 11th September 2017 - 08:54

The NEOLANT Group of Companies, which has been a partner of the Hexagon Company for many years, has released today its brand new software package – InterStorage, which expands the potential of Intergraph SmartPlant Foundation in the sphere of managing engineering data with help of navigation through complex 3D model integrated from various CAD/BIM/PLM formats. Usage of the single information model for a plant to review and obtain data provides crucial advantage in making managerial and engineering decisions throughout all stages of the facility lifecycle from design to operation, including renovation and retrofitting. Introduction of InterStorage in the Intergraph SmartPlant Foundation environment made it possible to create a tool for easy and timesaving operation with a complex 3D model. Due to its capabilities SmartPlant Foundation has been successfully used in solving operating tasks whilst making the customers greatly satisfied with the system as a whole.