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Edgybees satellite software brings unprecedented accuracy to satellite imagery

By GeoConnexion - 19th July 2022 - 15:57

Edgybees, the global provider of georegistration software, announced the release of its Satellite Software to enhance the accuracy of satellite imagery. Edgybees Satellite Software aligns electro-optical satellite imagery to ground truth, within two to three meters of accuracy, in less than 15 seconds. The software vastly reduces discrepancies and provides clear and concise context to consumers of satellite imagery across industries. Since its founding in 2017, Edgybees has been helping first responders and the military through georegistration of full-motion video streams via drones. Recognizing satellite technology as an invaluable resource across industries, Edgybees is combining artificial intelligence and georegistration technology to create a solution that aligns satellite imagery with ground truth – enabling improved, accurate decision-making in an infinite amount of use cases.

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