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Ecometrica launches ground-breaking technology 

By [email protected] - 25th June 2015 - 11:41

Ecometrica has launched a new technology, which for the first time, allows government departments and firms to analyse complex data from satellites without the need for supercomputers. Ecometrica chairman, Dr Richard Tipper, announced the delivery of the new Cube+ at the UK Space Centre, Harwell. A combination of software and customised cloud computing hardware, the ground-breaking system allows sequential images taken by satellites to be built up layer upon layer, quickly and efficiently, to provide a much more detailed, and in-depth answers to complex queries about changes to agriculture, forests, coasts and urban areas. Cube+ is aimed at the growing global market in Earth observation information products, which Ecometrica estimates is worth around £600m today and is projected to double over the next decade. Clients are expected to include space agencies, homeland security and disaster response, as well as firms working in agriculture and forestry, infrastructure investors and planners.