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EchoBoat-RCV from Seafloor Systems successfully integrated with Norbit iWBMSc

By [email protected] - 24th February 2016 - 14:44

Seafloor Systems has successfully integrated and tested the Norbit iWBMSc (Integrated Wideband Multibeam Sonar, Compact) multibeam echosounder system with the EchoBoat-RCV remotely controlled survey vehicle. In addition to its ultra compact form factor, the Norbit system features an integrated INS and Sound Velocity sensors, eliminating the need to install separate devices while greatly reducing calibration and offset measurements. The EchoBoat-RCV is Seafloor Systems’ multi-payload, remotely controlled survey platform, which features portability, improved thrust, and large payload capacity. Seafloor Systems is a multidisciplinary company providing integrated solutions for hydrographic survey equipment sales, rentals, technical support, and training. The company is manufacturer of the well known HydroLite Survey Pole Kit, HyDrone-RCV Catamaran Survey Platform, and EchoBoat-RCV. Seafloor Systems has built the largest multibeam echosounder rental pool in the U.S.A.