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EarthSense Systems Appoints Professor Paul Monks

By [email protected] - 21st December 2016 - 15:49

Professor Paul Monks, a leading name in earth observation science, air quality and climate change, has joined the board of EarthSense Systems as a Non-Executive Director. EarthSense Systems, a new joint venture between aerial mapping company Bluesky and the University of Leicester, is set to spearhead innovations in air quality monitoring with a range of products and services, including delivering static sensors, data modelling and derived datasets to UK local and central government organisations. “I am pleased to be joining the EarthSense board at such an exciting time,” said Professor Monks. James Eddy, Managing Director of EarthSense Systems commented. “Paul is a leading name in air quality and his research and academic achievements are globally respected and recognized. His appointment to the EarthSense board is important as it heralds a new era in commercial air quality monitoring solutions.”