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Earth-i & WeatherSafe Provide Insight from Satellites to Burundi Coffee Growers

By [email protected] - 23rd June 2017 - 11:03

Earth-i has teamed up with Harwell-based WeatherSafe to support the coffee farmers of Burundi through Earth-i’s ACCORD programme. ACCORD combines very high resolution satellite imagery with crop analysis to provide stakeholders with critical insights on key coffee farming decisions to improve crop quality, thereby supporting sustainable growth for coffee farmers large and small. A staggering thirty percent of Burundi’s population depends upon coffee production as their primary source of income. So any increase in the yield and quality of this crop will have a marked effect upon the nation’s GDP and help drive economic development throughout the country. Given that current yields are only about a fifth of those seen in Asia and Central America, there is significant scope to improve productivity if threats such as coffee leaf rust and parasites can be successfully contained.