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Earth-i chooses Spacemetric for image and video processing

By [email protected] - 24th January 2018 - 10:05

British âNew Spaceâ pioneer Earth-i announced that images and video from its new prototype satellite launched early January 2018 will be managed, catalogued and geometrically corrected using software from Swedish photogrammetry and imagery specialist, Spacemetric. Earth-i is building the first commercial constellation in the world to provide full-colour video and the first European-owned constellation able to provide both video and still images. Footage recorded by Earth-iâs fleet of satellites will be available for analysis within minutes of acquisition. Spacemetricâs Keystone software will be installed at Earth-iâs Data Processing Centre in Guildford, UK and will perform two vital processes: Pin-pointing the precise location of each pixel of every image and video frame and Correcting for distortions owing to the motion of the satellite, the shape and rotation of the Earth and effects due to the Earthâs terrain. http://www.earthi.spaceÂ