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Drones Save Almost One Life Per Week on Average

By [email protected] - 21st April 2017 - 11:15

DJI has released the first-ever survey of lifesaving drone activity, finding that drones have rescued at least 59 people from life-threatening conditions in 18 separate incidents around the globe. More than one-third of the people rescued were saved by drones operated by civilian bystanders and volunteers offering their services to help professional rescue personnel. As drones have become more widely used by public safety agencies as well as individuals, the rate of lifesaving drone work now averages almost one per week. DJI’s report is based on a survey of media reports collected from around the world, and almost surely undercounts the number of lifesaving activities undertaken with drones. It includes rescues made on land, on water and in flooded areas, as drones found missing people, brought them water and supplies, and in several cases brought them life jackets or rescue ropes.