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Direct Georeferencing with Phase One iXU 150 Camera and POS AVX 210

By [email protected] - 19th April 2016 - 13:48

The Applanix POS AVX 210 is a GNSS-Inertial solution designed to reduce the cost and improve the efficiency of mapping with medium format cameras. A flight test was conducted by Applanix and GeoPixel Air on a manned platform over an airborne testing and calibration range north of Toronto, Canada. The results show that the accuracy of the POS AVX 210 and stability of the Phase One iXU 150 camera with the 80 mm lens can produce orthomap products to an accuracy of 1.8x GSD RMS. Using this solution generated highly efficient, accurate and cost effective directly georeferenced map products. It eliminated the need for dense GCPs and allowed the capture of image data with minimal sidelap to increase data acquisition and processing efficiencies. The processing time required to create map products was greatly reduced thereby increased the productivity immensely.