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Digpro recruits a new Sales Director to focus on the international power industry

By [email protected] - 19th October 2017 - 12:10

To meet the increased demand for Digpro´s solutions, Stefan Multing has been appointed as the new Sales Director at Digpro to focus on developing and expanding international sales within the power industry. In the past Stefan has worked for both small and major software companies and holds a degree from Stockholm University in Economics and Information Technology. Stefan Multing, Sales Director of Power Utilities at Digpro commented, “The company has a strong product offering and a world-class technology platform. It enables for high productivity in development, but is also important to ensure the high performance and accessibility that our customers put on their business critical applications. As I see it, the potential in the international power and telecom industry is very high. But it’s important that we work smartly and focused, on our own and in collaboration with our strategic partners”.