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DigitalGlobe Introduces the A3C Quality Framework

By [email protected] - 23rd April 2015 - 14:18

DigitalGlobe has introduced the A3C Quality Framework to help customers and end users select the right imagery for their needs. DigitalGlobe is committed to enhancing their customersâ experience and success by ensuring that quality is at the core of the products and services delivered. A3C stands for Accuracy, Currency, Completeness, and Consistency, which are the four pillars of image quality that have the greatest impact on performance for most applications. A3C Quality is the foundation for producing the data, information, and insight that DigitalGlobe provides to customers every day, and it is created through a series of four transformation steps. Sourcing, the point of origin in the creation of critical information and relevant insight. Capture, the process of recording data in a lasting and consistent form. Enrichment, the process of creating decision-ready information. Analysis, the process of creating activity-based intelligence and predictive insights.