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Digital Element1s IP geolocation technology helps mbr with marketing

By [email protected] - 28th October 2015 - 10:34

Digital Element has announced that mbr targeting is deploying its NetAcuity Edge IP geolocation technology to enable more granular targeting across regional advertising. As a Demand Side Platform (DSP), mbr targeting uses IP geolocation technology to add location as an advertising targeting criterion. The accuracy of the location data available is vital to ensuring effective geotargeting and reducing wasted impressions, while improving ROI. In the automotive industry the company works with a nationwide network of car retailers offering central advertising packages that authorised dealers can opt into. These booked impressions are then delivered using location data from the highly accurate geolocation solution, NetAcuity Edge. Digital Element1s technology was selected following a rigorous testing process, in which IP address data was compared with known locations, to benchmark the accuracy of the various geotargeting solutions on the market.