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Delair opens first customer service centres in the US

By [email protected] - 26th February 2019 - 12:38

Delair announced the expansion of its customer service operations with the qualification and opening of its first two repair and maintenance centres in the US. Delair has partnered with Frontier Precision and Seiler Instrument, both experienced drone resellers and service providers, to provide comprehensive customer support for its Delair UX11 advanced mapping and surveying drone. Delair worked with technicians from both firms to certify them on the latest maintenance and repair processes, required to optimize the operations of its UX11 drone. Seiler’s training took place at Delair’s main manufacturing facility and company headquarters in Toulouse, France. Delair also worked with the service providers to ensure each has a sufficient inventory of parts and spares, as well as the required tooling to perform repair and maintenance on the specific Delair UAV models. “It’s important that our customers in the US have access to experts service and support,” said Michael O’Sullivan, Channel Sales Manager North America at Delair.