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DEKRA opens Connected Car Test Area

By [email protected] - 22nd December 2017 - 10:56

In November, international expert organization DEKRA officially opened its connected car test area in Malaga, Spain, as part of its international network for connected, automated, and electric driving. At the opening, DEKRA’s experts organized two live connected car demos that showed test scenarios designed for specific V2X technologies. Important connected car functionalities revolve around V2X (or vehicle-to-everything) technologies (e.g. cars, infrastructure, pedestrians). These technologies allow vehicles and other road users to receive the position and movement data of all the other road users and infrastructure in their vicinity. Other technologies that DEKRA will test include left turn assist, blind spot warning, forward collision warning, green light optimal speed advisory, red light violation warning, and control loss warning. All of the test scenarios are already available for customers. DEKRA’s connected car test area will become a key component of its international testing network for connected, automated, and electric driving.