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Cutting-edge drones put to the temperature test

By [email protected] - 25th August 2015 - 10:13

Northumbria Universityâs state-of-the-art environmental chamber has been used to test how drones respond under extreme temperature conditions for a leading UK drone supplier. Colena Ltd provides drones for a number of clients across the world in locations as diverse as the Arctic to the United Arab Emirates. Under the supervision of Dr Martin Barwood, Research Fellow and Environmental Physiologist at Northumbria, tests were carried out on the drones in three key areas - battery performance, drone performance and pilot performance. Drones can be remotely controlled by pilots and use cutting-edge technology to gain access to places where humans canât. This often means operating in extreme conditions, which can be easily recreated in Northumbriaâs environmental chamber. Drones carrying cameras have even become the latest tool for emergency responders - most recently used to help aid relief operations in Nepal by photographing and mapping areas affected by the earthquake.