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Costain and Createc develop nuclear decommissioning technology

By [email protected] - 20th December 2019 - 11:08

Collaborative efforts between smart infrastructure solutions company Costain and technology researchers Createc have resulted in innovative measurement technology for analysing radiation in contaminated structures, a move which could revolutionise nuclear decommissioning. During decommissioning of concrete structures, operators need to be able to work out accurately and rapidly exactly where the waste classification boundary sits in order to devise a decommissioning strategy to minimise the volume of waste.

The D:EEP (Estimating Entrained Product) development programme enables clients to measure radioactive contaminants within concrete structures, allowing operators to understand what depth they need to go to remove any contamination, improving safety and accuracy as well as saving considerable time and money. Using a combination of modelling and spectral analysis techniques D:EEP is a flexible system designed to give the nuclear industry the capability to overcome these challenges and provide intelligence led decisions, removing risk.