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CopterSystems: Building Stable UAV Platforms for Photogrammetry

By [email protected] - 19th April 2016 - 13:35

CopterSystems GmbH is a manufacturer of high-end copter solutions for a variety of applications. Roman Paulus, the founder and CEO of the company was one of the first to use UAV technology for photogrammetry and other sensor based airborne applications in Germany. Recently, more and more potential customers have approached CopterSystems and asked for Phase One cameras as sensor options for UAVs. CopterSystems researched the features of the Phase One aerial cameras and were especially impressed by how easily the cameras are controlled from the ground. The demand reached a point when CopterSystems decided to develop a special UAV for Phase One iXU cameras, which they called the CS-P.O.C. Roman Paulus commented, “We decided to build a solution that combines the best aerial camera and UAV. Therefore, we chose to go with the Phase One iXU camera”.