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Copernicus Sentinel-3 Marine Data flow to users in Africa

By [email protected] - 18th January 2017 - 11:21

The new information on Sea Surface Height, Ocean Colour and Sea Surface Temperature, disseminated via EUMETCast, EUMETSAT’s flexible data dissemination system, will ensure improved management of fishing zones and security for fishermen at sea as well as the forecast of harmful algae bloom and coastal protection. This new service responds to the request of key marine regional centres in Africa and was coordinated by the African Union with the European Commission. It ensures the availability of vital satellite information in support of marine resources and coastal management on the whole African continent. Disseminating the data via EUMETCast secures the simultaneous availability of data all across the continent and ensures easy access even in remote locations with limited internet access. The introduction of the new service was complemented with training activities for African users on how to use EUMETSAT’s Copernicus Marine data stream for operational marine surface analysis.