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Control Room Awards launched to celebrate unsung heroes of the emergency service

By [email protected] - 22nd December 2017 - 09:41

APD Communications, a company specialising in mission critical solutions for the emergency services has launched the first awards to recognise and celebrate unsung heroes working behind the scenes in control rooms across the UK. West Yorkshire Police is among the emergency services organisations backing the awards. Tom Donohoe, Customer Contact Centre Head for West Yorkshire Police, said: “People remember the officers on the scene at a major incident – they don’t always recognise that, more than likely, the response began with the skilled handling of a call into a police control room. I’m a really big supporter of these new awards – they are long overdue. Our control room staff and their counterparts around the country do great work, every single day, and that deserves to be recognised.” West Yorkshire Police Call Handler Deborah Griffiths illustrates the crucial role of control room staff in responding to the most serious incidents.