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Conserve Biodiversity with GIS - Kaohsiung City Biodiversity Database

By [email protected] - 25th September 2015 - 17:01

As environment becomes the top issue in every country, governments and scientists are eager to find the balance between development and environment protection. GIS as the key solution, offers various possibilities to observe and manage natural resources. Kaohsiung City Government, Taiwan authorized the Supergeo team to build Kaohsiung City Biodiversity Database, including species information monitoring the distribution of animals enhancing the conservation of biodiversity. Kaohsiung City Biodiversity Database successfully reveals the geographical distribution in a convenient way for educational facilities and the public and also for the government. The distribution condition of species revealed on the map helps users to further comprehension about ecological conservation. Powered by the Supergeo team, the database brings convenient geospatial technology to the public and allows GIS applications for sustainable uses.