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CompassDrone™ Announces CIRRUAS Drone Program for Public Safety Agencies

By [email protected] - 11th September 2017 - 09:02

CompassDrone announced a comprehensive drone-based mapping program designed specifically for Public Safety applications. The Complete Incident Response Recovery Unmanned Aerial System (CIRRUAS) program is designed primarily for Accident Reconstruction and Crime Scene Mapping, but is also applicable to Search & Rescue and Reconnaissance missions. “CIRRUAS was designed by law enforcement for law enforcement to meet their unique mapping and data collection needs,” said CompassDrone Vice President Hayden Howard. “The result is a complete drone program comprising all the hardware, software and training they need to deploy drones in their daily operations. We designed CIRRUAS to make data collection safer, faster and more accurate for public safety officers,” The CIRRUAS package contains everything needed for public safety personnel to quickly and accurately map an accident or crime scene for 3D reconstruction or evidence preservation purposes.