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Company showcase Autumn 2018

By [email protected] - 21st August 2018 - 13:18

Surveying equipment now incorporates GNSS, GIS, Laser-based and communications, as well as optical capabilities to offer ever higher accuracy and greater local processing power at lower cost. Remote Sensing, in the widest sense, achieves new levels of resolution and precision from Laser, LiDAR, satellite, and aerial sensors, including those carried aboard a new generation of UAVs. The huge volumes of geodata captured by these and other sensors and devices are incorporated in ever more innovative information and location based services that support public and private sector decision makers at all levels, as well as citizens.

Look also for advances linked to the convergence between technologies, from CAD and BIM suites now incorporating GIS and decision support tools to smart phones used to collect and disseminate location-tagged data for commercial and citizen-oriented Open Source applications. For field use, consumers are now spoiled for choice with a wide variety of portable rugged and semi-rugged geodata collection devices based on PDA, tablet and notebook computers. And, of course, the advent of data and software as hosted services via the Cloud presents new challenges and opportunities for users everywhere.

This is an exciting decade for all sectors of the geomatics industry, with innovation powered by creativity, convergence and advances in several allied technologies. Watch this space to keep yourself up to date!

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