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ComNav M300 Pro Monitors Deformation of Kuwait National Bank Construction

By [email protected] - 20th May 2016 - 13:17

For the large project like the construction of NBK (National Bank of Kuwait) tower, a 300m-tall building, combined concrete, steel, glazing and glass-reinforced concrete (GRC) in a shellfish shape, it’s difficult to monitor the structure tilt and movement precisely only by traditional methods. The advanced “core wall control survey” method, combined total stations and GNSS receivers, was successfully adopted in this significant project. The ComNav M300 Pro GNSS receiver was used to deliver high accuracies, it was selected as the GNSS base station in this project. The built-in web user interface allowed engineers to check information on receiver status, configuration, firmware update and RINEX file download without extra software. In addition, a zero baseline comparison test was conducted and proved that the ComNav M300 Pro receiver matches the quality and competitiveness of other units.