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Codewise deploys Digital Element’s IP geolocation technology

By [email protected] - 7th January 2016 - 09:41

European digital marketing expert, Codewise, has implemented NetAcuity Edge™, Digital Element’s hyperlocal technology to improve the accuracy of traffic delivery, tracking, and analytics. The deployment of Digital Element’s IP geolocation solution will enhance the capabilities of two Codewise flagship products: Zeropark and Voluum. Zeropark, an ad exchange, will use Digital Element’s technology to determine the consumer’s location, carrier type, connection speed, and proxy, empowering their clients to purchase inventory that more accurately targets their key audiences. Additionally, the technology will enhance analytics platform, Voluum - which already uses Digital Element’s solutions to ascertain mobile carrier and connection type - to provide improved granular insight into ad campaign success, by adding location and ISP data to real-time advertising performance analysis. Digital Element has pioneered IP geolocation technology since it was established in 1999, and NetAcuity Edge(TM) has brought new accuracy to the IP geolocation industry.