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Cobham SATCOM launches XTR – a new generation antenna platform

By GeoConnexion - 19th August 2021 - 11:06

Cobham SATCOM, a provider of radio and satellite communications solutions to the maritime industry, has announced the launch of its new SAILOR XTRTM antenna platform. The SAILOR 1000 XTR Ku is the first of a new generation of software-controlled antenna systems designed for quick deployment, operational reliability, simplicity, and best-in-class radio frequency (RF) performance. Developed and designed by Cobham SATCOM, SAILOR XTRTM integrates the best of the SAILOR VSAT technology into a new platform with cutting-edge software and electronic capabilities that prepare it to operate in future satellite constellations in LEO, MEO, GEO and HEO orbits. The one-metre antenna has a new simplified and robust pedestal for better antenna performance and easier and simpler conversion between Ku- and Ka-bands.

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