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CHC Navigation releases i80 GNSS Receiver for general sale

By [email protected] - 22nd January 2016 - 15:44

CHC has made available their new flagship GNSS receiver the i80. With the ability to compute a true Triple Frequency RTK tilted pole solution using all four worldwide and multiple regional constellations, the i80 receiver is the most advanced receiver available in the market today. Without the need of a data collector or computer, the i80’s LCD GUI allows for common workflow operations, such as Static Logging, AutoBase, AutoRover, and UHF channel selection to be easily performed. The CHC i80 is the smallest receiver on the market incorporating dual hot-swappable batteries, allowing for days of uninterrupted work. While small and lightweight, it is packed with a full array of sensors and modules: multiple MEMS, Internal Tx/Rx UHF, multi-band cellular modem, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Serial, USB, etc. – having all these modules integrated into an ergonomic package, GNSS users will realize their most productive day yet.