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CHC Navigation Completes Acquisition of AMW

By [email protected] - 2nd October 2018 - 08:58

Shanghai based GNSS technology and solution company, Shanghai Huace Satellite Navigation Technology Ltd. (“CHC Navigation”) is pleased to announce it has acquired the business assets and personnel of AMW Machine Control Inc. The business will now be conducted by AMW Machine Control Solutions Inc. (“AMW Solutions”), a subsidiary of CHC Navigation. AMW Solutions business has over 30 years of advanced machine guidance, machine control and GNSS knowhow. With innovative topo and machine control software solutions known as GRADE, DIRT, DITCH, PIPE, LANDFILL and ROAD, AMW Solutions offers the industry’s most cost-effective solutions designed for equipment operators. AMW Solutions offerings will be based upon turnkey, wireless CHC Navigation Android industrial tablets and industry leading CHC Navigation RTK GNSS receivers. AMW Solutions has also appointed Phil Gabriel as President. Phil brings over 25 years’ experience in the positioning industry, having previously served as President of Hemisphere GNSS Inc. and currently serving as the General Manager for CHC Navigation North America.