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CGG Signs Multi-Client Airborne Gravity Gradient Survey Agreement with SNPC in Congo

By GeoConnexion - 2nd March 2021 - 08:20

CGG is mobilizing to acquire the industry’s first-ever multi-client airborne gravity and magnetic survey of the onshore Congo Cuvette Basin in the Republic of Congo after signing an agreement with the SNPC and the Ministry of Hydrocarbons. The project has already received significant prefunding from the oil and gas industry. Scheduled for licensing in early 2021, the survey data will significantly support industry exploration initiatives by helping to assess hydrocarbon prospectivity and provide a backbone for future exploration of the area. The Congo Cuvette basin is a large underexplored onshore sedimentary basin, in a logistically challenging area for resource exploration. This airborne geophysical survey will support the initiatives of the government of the Republic of Congo and SNPC to attract investment into this frontier area.

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