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CGG Launches TopSeis -The Solution for Imaging Shallow Reservoirs

By [email protected] - 21st September 2016 - 15:00

CGG has announced the launch of TopSeis™, the latest evolution in offshore broadband seismic, specifically designed to overcome the intrinsic lack of near offsets inherent in 3D towed-streamer seismic. Exacerbated by the use of progressively wider spreads to meet the industry’s quest for greater efficiency, the lack of near offsets leads to an inability to image shallow geological features, such as faults, gas pockets, channels and stratigraphic pinch-outs, effectively. By overcoming this shortcoming, TopSeis enables exploration and development teams to make critical investment decisions on the basis of superior high-density broadband data delivered at a lower cost compared to other techniques, notably ocean bottom seismic. TopSeis is the latest outcome of eight years of collaboration between Lundin Norway AS and CGG to develop innovative broadband solutions, including early benchmarking of CGG’s BroadSeis™ solution, to improve subsurface understanding and increase exploration success.