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CGG Launches New MotionMap UK National Ground Stability Database

By [email protected] - 21st June 2018 - 16:25

CGGâs NPA Satellite Mapping group has unveiled its new MotionMap UK product for companies involved in asset management, large engineering projects, property conveyancing, insurance disputes and risk management. The UKâs geological setting, mining legacy and engineering heritage has led to substantial changes above and below ground. From subsidence and heave across coal fields in the Midlands, to tunnelling-related ground settlement in London, the impact on the landscape is extensive yet relatively unknown and extremely challenging to map. MotionMap UK is a national database of high-precision ground stability measurements that reveals millimeter-scale changes in ground and building heights. Generated using state-of-the-art satellite InSAR data processing, MotionMap UK gives geologists, engineers and surveyors unique insight into the location, extent and evolution of ground stability hazards. MotionMap UK represents a step-change compared to previously available data, drawing on vast amounts of imagery collected by the latest satellites.