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CGG Author Wins EAGE ‘2016 Guido Bonarelli Award’

By [email protected] - 21st June 2016 - 13:50

CGG congratulates Joe Zhou, Processing Manager, Singapore, on being presented with the EAGE 2016 Guido Bonarelli Award in recognition of the best oral presentation for his paper entitled ‘Unlocking the full potential of broadband data with advanced processing technology, a case study from NWS Australia’. The case study describes the successful application of high-end broadband processing and imaging technologies to broadband seismic data acquired with variable-depth streamers and CGG’s proprietary BroadSource™ synchronized multi-level source on the Shell Sandman 3D survey conducted over the Browse Basin in 2013. The combined broadband solution effectively removed both the source and receiver ghosts to achieve high-resolution data with a superior signal-to-noise ratio and a maximum bandwidth of up to 2.5 – 200Hz. The paper describes the key factors influencing the temporal resolution of marine seismic surveys and how the implementation of an advanced broadband processing flow compensated for the Earth’s attenuation effects.