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Cesium and Uber Open-Source Collaboration

By [email protected] - 20th December 2019 - 10:29

A new open-source initiative by Cesium, a provider of streaming 3D geospatial technology will address the need to visualize, analyse, and share the world’s vast and ever-growing collection of 3D geospatial data. Engineering teams from Cesium are working with Uber to add support for 3D Tiles to and, two of Uber’s open source geospatial visualization frameworks. Support for 3D Tiles, an open-standard format originally created by Cesium, will enable and engines like it to stream city-level, massive 3D geospatial datasets and point clouds in real-time on any platform. The collaboration with Cesium supports Uber Air, Uber’s aerial ridesharing initiative. The implementation of the 3D Tiles feature allows Uber to achieve an unprecedented level of geospatial detail within urban environments.