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Carlson Unveils New C-ALS® Gyro at SME 2019

By [email protected] - 1st May 2019 - 11:30

Carlson Software unveiled the new Carlson Cavity Auto-Scanning Laser System (C-ALS) Gyro gives greater navigational capability, ensuring that the probe’s position along the borehole can be determined without relying on the mechanical alignment of deployment rods or a magnetic compass. The Gyro unit contains a 3-axis gyro, which monitors the probes heading and accelerometers, which determine the inclination allowing it to be deployed downwards, upwards, or in a horizontal hole. The C-ALS provides safe, quick, and reliable mapping capabilities for inaccessible underground cavities. The system is deployable via boreholes on cable or rods, via a boom, or on a zip-wire, the C-ALS system can be used from the surface to provide a detailed visual record of the subsurface environment in a wide range of applications. The LMD product division was previously Renishaw SMD. Carlson Software acquired the products and supporting staff through a 2017 acquisition.