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Carlson Survey OEM 2019 Released

By [email protected] - 7th January 2019 - 13:52

The Carlson Survey 2019 OEM has just been released with the AutoCAD® 2018 OEM engine built-in. Carlson Survey users can read and write directly with the current AutoCAD DWG-drawing file format. Some of the new commands found in Carlson Survey OEM 2019 include: Elevation Along Entity, Import Angle/Distance File, Arc Annotation and Arc Dimensions. An added feature in the Field to Finish command is detection for symbol points surveyed in the wrong order. Also for multi-point symbols, the added option to center the symbol instead of using the first control point when one point is surveyed is now available. All versions of Carlson Survey are designed for use for land surveying and provide a full toolkit for surveyors with everything from network least squares to surface modeling. Users get the ability to work seamlessly between the office and the field and they can establish company-wide design styles to ease and speed their work.