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Carlson Introduces STEM Video Game: Hydrology Engineer

By GeoConnexion - 11th September 2023 - 19:31

Carlson Software, celebrating its 40th anniversary as a company, has released a STEM video game named Hydrology Engineer. The video game is designed to teach hydrology, a subset of civil engineering, from a practical standpoint. Players will be introduced to both simple and complex concepts of hydrology work with the chance to compete for the most efficient design each month. The goal of the game is to design a storm sewer system from available inlets and pipe types and sizes that drains the site successfully, with no excessive pressure in the pipes overflowing at inlets and no excessive gutter spread in the streets that might cause flooding and hydroplaning. The game uses a photo-realistic depiction of a subdivision with low points in the streets that require the placement of inlets with catch basins and it must drain to a detention pond also found on the site.

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