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Cadcorp SIS 9 service release optimises user experience

By GeoConnexion - 7th May 2020 - 12:48

A number of updates and enhancements have been made to Cadcorp SIS Desktop and Cadcorp SIS WebMap to build upon its intuitive operability. In SIS Desktop, a generic ‘location pin’ cursor has been added to indicate when the map is awaiting interaction and the Quick Access toolbar has been modernised with a simpler icon style. As part of the service release, Cadcorp is continuing apace with its support of Ordnance Survey (OS) data products as standard. Support is up-to-date for OS Open Roads, OS Boundary-Line, OS OpenMap - Local, OS Open Rivers, and all in OGC GeoPackage format. SIS 9 supported OS Open Zoomstack data from the outset and in this release, includes the OS supplied Colour Vision Deficiency friendly styles. Cadcorp SIS can read and display over 300 supported GIS, CAD, graphic and database formats, without the need for translation, and without the need to purchase add-on software. Multiple improvements to support for CAD data formats, specifically DGN and DWG are included in the release.

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