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Cables and sewers: cross-sector line management with BaSYS

By [email protected] - 21st April 2017 - 11:18

Going forward, sewer network operators are obligated to take the DigiNetzG into account during planning and operation. The sewer management software that is used must be able to map and manage the changes. In its current version, the BaSYS network information system already constitutes a cross-sector solution for planners and operators. BARTHAUER provides solutions for multidisciplinary line management with the BaSYS network and infrastructure information system. It offers modules for planning, data collection, administration and documentation, operations management and maintenance, rehabilitation design and asset management for infrastructure assets. The joint administration of control, broadband, fibre optics and energy cables in conjunction with networks in other sectors, such as sewer networks, has been realised by implementing a dedicated cable module. Here the routing of lines is possible through the conduits of the sewer sections in the sewer module.