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Bryden Wood and 3D Repo Launch Cloud Based 4D Virtual Reality Models

By [email protected] - 23rd January 2018 - 16:19

Bryden Wood and 3D Repo have launched a new platform for visualising how construction projects change over time. Using Virtual Reality (VR) technology and 3D Repoâs database driven Digital Construction Platform, the new 4D sequence visualisation tool gives users a new perspective on design and construction projects. Accessed using VR headsets the outputs will improve collaboration between project stakeholders, facilitate decision making and allow for better communication at all stages of a project. This functionality, together with enhanced online collaboration and visualisation features, is released as a Bryden Wood digital portal powered by 3D Repo. 4D modelling is a term used in the construction sector and refers to the fourth dimension of time, so a 4D schedule is a 3D model that includes the construction sequencing. This enables teams to analyse events on a time-line and visualise the steps required to complete tasks within the construction process.