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Boundless to release new GIS software

By [email protected] - 22nd December 2017 - 10:27

On Nov. 14, Boundless, the leader in open geographic information systems (GIS), announced the launch of Boundless Server (a rebrand of its flagship product Boundless Suite), to offer a complete ecosystem of commercially supported, open source GIS solutions for the enterprise. The new Boundless Server represents a significant advancement for organizations using open source software for map creation and geospatial data analysis across web, mobile and desktop applications. Key features include: Enhanced styling and increased interoperability with Esri’s ArcGIS services and web applications, Flexible architecture built upon open source technology and open APIs, enabling organizations to easily manage and publish location data and workflows to web apps, desktop clients and mobile devices, Pre-packaged support for MBTiles, new label options, support for publishing content in GeoServices REST format, and upgrades to the image mosaic GeoWebCache REST framework.