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Bluesky Aerial Mapping Features in Orbx Flight Simulator

By [email protected] - 7th January 2019 - 15:33

Orbx Simulation Systems, one of the original producers of flight simulation add-ons, is working with Bluesky to develop new products and technologies for the UK. Utilising nationwide coverage of Bluesky’s aerial photography, Orbx will use its in-house developed tools to create realistic in-flight imagery of the underlying landscapes. Additional detail, derived from Bluesky’s National Tree Map and Heighted Building datasets, is being used to add 3D objects to produce accurate and realistic simulations. The Bluesky data used by Orbx includes unique National Tree Map database, which details the location, height and canopy cover of nearly 300 million trees and its Heighted Building database, which provides accurate height measurement for around 40 million buildings.