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Bluesky Acquires US Aerial Survey Company Col-East

By [email protected] - 21st April 2017 - 11:25

Bluesky International is expanding its business into North America following the acquisition of Col-East Inc, a Massachusetts based aerial survey company. Col-East has been mapping the Northeast United States for 65 years and will continue as Col-East International Ltd, forming the US arm of Bluesky. Founded in 1952, Col-East has a long established reputation for very high quality topographic mapping, with particular expertise in specialist aerial surveys such as high precision aeronautical mapping, requiring highly skilled analysis. Bluesky has seen an increase in the demand for specialist large scale mapping, 3D modelling and feature extraction in recent years in the European market, and now intends to apply these skills to the expanding US market. As well as topographical mapping and aeronautical work, Col-East offers a range of aerial imaging services, offering cost-effective mapping solutions from estates to development sites and complex transportation corridors.