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Blue Marble Releases Geographic Calculator 2017 for Seismic Survey Data

By [email protected] - 17th May 2017 - 16:39

Blue Marble Geographics has launched Geographic Calculator 2017, a major version release for performing quality control on seismic survey data; it includes updates to the geodetic datasource, which forms the core of the application; and it adds the Ordnance Survey OSTN15 geoid model for improved vertical coordinate transformations in the UK. The 2017 release incorporates the most current EPSG database definitions into the datasource ensuring accuracy in any calculation workflow. The most significant enhancement in the 2017 release is the inclusion of the new Seismic Survey QC job for checking the quality of preplot and poststack seismic lines between UKOOA and SEG-Y files. This multifaceted component simultaneously checks the line accuracy; validates the heading; locates duplicate shot records; counts the number of points and lines in each seismic file; and generates a report of those points that are outside the required specifications.

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