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Blaze Terra Gives Access to over 200,000 Landsat Images

By [email protected] - 25th September 2015 - 17:00

Eternix Ltd. has announced the availability of Landsatâs database through Blaze Terra, allowing users to instantly review and analyze the entire data directly in a GIS setting. Blaze Terra gives access to all of Landsatâs close to two hundred thousand images with real-time updates ensuring the latest imagery to be immediately at the userâs disposal. Landsat images are represented on a global layer map, making it easy for users to work intuitively and spot areas of interest. Pinpointing a specific location, for example, returns all the Landsat imagery for that location. Despite the large number of images, search results are visualized as geospatial footprints within a split second, easing on storage and facilitating image management. A dynamic search toolbar further allows users to query the set of images based on metadata information, cloud coverage, acquisition date, geographic area and more.