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BlackBridge Takes Global Positional Accuracy to a Higher Level 

By [email protected] - 22nd May 2015 - 14:06

BlackBridge has just completed the production and implementation of the most current and consistent global control point database on the market, BlackBridgeâs extensive testing and experience processing thousands of ortho-images on a daily basis confirm that Global Reference 2.0 improves positional accuracy of orthorectified imagery to under 10 m RMSE on a global scale, with 80% under 7 m RMSE. This level of positional accuracy applies to ortho-products for every region of the world. Users of RapidEye products across the globe are already noticing the difference in the accuracy of their datasets and improvements to their workflows. The majority of the dataset was collected by DigitalGlobeâs constellation of high-resolution earth imaging satellites. Massimiliano Vitale, senior vice president of operations for BlackBridge, states that, âWe are confident that the Global Reference 2.0 dataset positions BlackBridge to produce the most accurate ortho-products in our resolution range.â